Homeowners Rob and Carol have a passion for design, so their dated white bathroom, complete with leaking shower knew its days were numbered. They had plans for an ambitious transformation that would fulfil their love of cutting edge interior design, and so were a match made in heaven for the team at Ark.

Work began by removing the existing bathroom, along with a stud wall around the shower enclosure. Rob and Carol then instructed Ark to hack off all the plaster on the outside wall to reveal the original brickwork. This required expertise in replacing missing bricks and matching with a special lime-based mortar. Three coats of varnish were used to seal the brickwork, making it easy to maintain.

A major feature was a bespoke stainless steel shower tray. Tom worked with Rob on the design and then commissioned a local steel company to fabricate the tray to their own specifications. As the tray was not an ‘off the shelf’ size, having been cleverly designed to maximise the available space, the shower screen had to be made to order too. The tray was then set within the floor to be flush with the newly laid mosaic.

An electric under floor heating mat was installed for comfort. Carol had a vintage gilt picture frame which Ark restored and refashioned into a wall-mounted mirror, complete with concealed shelves and power points for electric toothbrushes. To finish, the walls were painted by Ark in a specialist natural paint which has a lovely soft and irregular texture.