After completing a whole house renovation, we were invited back to convert Esses loft and transform it into her very own secret sanctuary.

To proceed with a loft conversion in this Sussex Edwardian house was a major challenge in design and dexterity. Ark Builders worked closely with the architect and structural engineer to solve the structural issues individual to this house. The roof space wasn’t even high enough to stand in so the project involved a cranked beam system to raise the roof across the centre of the property. The end result is a marvellous private sanctuary for homeowner Esse, complete with master bedroom, en suite shower room and office. The shape of the roof and the chimney stack have created some beautiful internal angles, all highlighted by the flood of natural light thanks to particularly large electric roof lights.

To get three loft rooms out of the space was a design challenge but using pocket sliding doors and installing a built in shower above the stairwell all helped eke out the available space.  Ark Builders use a Firestone flat roof system as standard on our lofts, which allows for a long life and easy maintenance.

What Esse thought...

Before starting, we agreed clear plans for payments, meetings and expected manpower numbers at different stages etc. I had progress reports regularly, including at weekends when necessary. The loft space was accessed through the roof so there was minimal disruption to family life. At the start, progress seemed slow, lots of head scratching over plans. But when they decided to make wooden mock-ups of the steels before they were fabricated, only then did I truly appreciate the complexity of the roof problems they had solved – and boy did I appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, done at base-line cost to me. Getting the roof steels and huge roof lights in with millimetre accuracy was a triumph!

Then the pace of progress speeded up, without loss of attention to detail – something now clearly evident in a GREAT finish. Bespoke aspects I thought would be straightforward, proved a headache but Ark builders found ways to achieve the result I wanted and late changes to the room’s layout were met with minimal teeth sucking! Tom Pike and his team are truly great guys – all lovely, interesting and a pleasure to have around. So, now the build is over and I’m decorating and furnishing, I’m minded I have to do justice to the fabulous job they’ve done! And you know, it was fun – I would do it again! Thank you